• Have you ever imagined creating a book preserving the history of your family, business, or life?
  • Do you want to preserve the times of your life and keep the people you love and lost close forever?
  • Do you keep putting it off because you can’t find the time or don’t have the skill to get it done?
  • Or, do you find the task overwhelming or don’t know where to start?


I have the expertise to realize your project and the talents to make it beyond your expectations. I work with you scan, retouch, and restore your photos, collect and write your stories, and design a personalized custom photobook. I preserve your images and stories in professionally designed, archival-quality books that keep memories alive for future generations.

Personal Heritage Books

Just_book_JollyThe value of documenting a person’s history into a keepsake photobook is priceless. Family and friends can relive old times and younger generations will enjoy learning more about their heritage. For people who are chronically sick or have dementia, their life story photobook can be used as a practical guide for activity coordinators and caregivers to engage with their patients, making these books not only sentimental but also therapeutic.

  • Leave your Legacy
  • Bring your ancestry research together
  • Connect future generations to their history
  • Recreate the life story of a person unknown to family
  • Tell the life story of a family member who passed away too soon
  • Create the perfect gift for an older family member who “has everything”

Celebration & Milestone Books

Relive the joy of that special day in your life all over again. Books make it easy to share and appreciate how wonderful it was to have your whole family together in one place. Priceless memories deserve to be preserved in an archival-quality bespoke book. Photo books have taken the place of photo albums as todays’ most beautiful and practical way of sharing.

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Baptisms and Bar-Mitzvahs
  • Retirements, career achievements
  • Special trips or vacations

Corporate Legacy Books

Businesses and organizations have a life and story of their own. They grow and evolve over the years and their histories deserve to be preserved for posterity.

  • How it all got started
  • Documenting growth and expansion
  • Employee tributes
  • Historical and cultural value
  • Retirement gifts

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