My new Legacy collages


Reta Smith (nee Roe) loved fashion, enjoyed drawing and painting and appreciated all the arts. She bestowed this sensibility on her daughter Karrie. Karrie wanted to honour her mother and create a multi-image print to frame for their hallway entrance where everyone would see it every day and smile.

I love my repeat clients so much. Karrie Smith has bought so many sets of floral cards from me, that now she can make requests and I will produce them just for her. Last year I carefully scanned an oversized scrapbook that her mom had made for Karrie’s son. This woman, in her late 60s, made 6 scrapbooks, 2 for her children and 4 more, one for each grandchild. We should all be so lucky to have scrapbooks lovingly made by hand by our mother! She left her legacy for generations to come with personal stories related to each person.

When she called me to discuss getting something printed to hang on the wall I already had most of the images I needed. Since I have these 300 dpi scans of this scrapbook on file, we could produce this request quickly. I told her about my new Legacy Tribute Collages. These are like a summary page of a photobook, formatted to frame on the wall, with a selection of photos and some text.

We decided on a theme and started planning. These days, most people have access to a scanner, and I can also work with phone photos, because when they are done properly they can be perfectly fine for printing. I can send you directions on how to make a good copy of a photo on your phone. I can also scan your prints, slides or negatives for you.

I also know that my client loves William Morris wallpapers as much as me, so in behind of her piece is a screened back classic one with roses and his signature swirly leaves.

I will be building a collection of samples over the next few months. I have a Special Offer for you at this time. Legacy Collages that are 11×14 inches in size are $75.00, with up to 8 images, like the sample shown here. I estimate approximately $95.00 with tax and shipping within Canada and the US. Call me for a quote on other sizes or formats.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your ideas. These tribute collages make a perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or birthday gift to honour your family’s matriarch or patriarch. If we are organized and I am not too busy, I could ship your 11×14 print within 2 weeks. If it’s more convenient, I can also send you the file instead to print locally for $95.00.

We can make a Gift Certificate in any amount and send it to you.


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